Revo Technik

Our mission is to produce unique and innovative hardware and software automotive products that improve the performance, drivability and responsiveness, against a manufacturer specification vehicle. We aspire to give the every-day driver a sense of distinction from the standard and to put a broad smile on their face every time they drive. Whether on the road, at a track day, or on the drag strip, Revo delivers your trusted Performance Advantage.

Ecu Upgrade Stage 1

Stage 1 offers an instant increase in power and torque in addition creating superb drivability with no hardware upgrade requirement.

Ecu Upgrade Stage 2

Stage 2 offers a more aggressive high level of performance and does require an upgraded air intake, exhaust system and intercooler in some applications.

Ecu Upgrade Stage 2+

Stage 2+ is another step up on power and torque with the requirement of an upgraded High Pressure Fuel Pump to achieve its full potential while still offering great drivability.

Ecu Upgrade Stage 3

Stage 3 turns the car into a true performance car. Typical requirements as follow; upgraded turbocharger, hi flow injectors and DSG/transmission software upgrades. This is highly dependent on model.

Ecu Upgrade Stage 4

Stage 4 is for the dedicated track day competition level car and requires the engine internals upgraded along with a host of other hardware upgrades to maximize this unique experience.

DSG Upgrade Stage 1

This stage improves the upshift/downshift program whilst maintaining the overall drivability, also a reset launch control rpm point ensures a great launch every time.

DSG Upgrade Stage 2

Stage 2 enhances the upshift/downshift with a sportier and more aggressive feel. Launch control is set to a maximum of 7150rpm. This is a must with any ECU upgrade above Stage 2+.


Revo have a wide range of hardware available for your car from Air intakes, intercoolers, turbo kits and much more. With the REVO software combined with thoroughly researched and developed hardware products make REVO able to offer the complete performance package.