Red Power gives you the comfort factor that the system you have specified has been hand crafted by a Scorpion automotive engineer in the UK – not mass produced.
Scorpions hand built systems not only give you real exclusivity, but added value too. We don’t just charge what we feel the market will stand for a premium grade exhaust; when you upgrade to Scorpion you are paying for quality R&D, the finest hand selected materials, extensive testing and for the skill of an automotive engineer. You really are getting more bang for your buck.

Ceramic Exhaust tips

To make our tailpipes stand out from the rest even more, in addition to selecting the finest materials, we also made them larger.

Cat back exhausts

High Quality and Light weight. Non-Resonated or resonated available. Daytona and Monaco tail pipes available in polished stainless steel or black ceramic coating.

Turbo down pipes

Fully interchangeable with Scorpion and O.E system. 200 cell high flow sports catalyst or de-cat available